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Biomechanics Coaching from Sports Corrective therapy. Biomechanics is simply the study of human movement. Dysfunction can occur in muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves and fascia. If something isn’t moving the way it should, something else will end up moving you.

Extrinsic biomechanics is analysing and performing a movement or task in an optimal mechanically efficient way.

Intrinsic biomechanics is how the body works mechanically during the performance of a movement or task. This has a major impact on how the body compensates during the performance of extrinsic biomechanical movements or tasks. Often the body is merely compensating for intrinsic biomechanical faults during functional tasks and the more we practice those tasks or movements, the more we compensate, and so the risk of injury increases.

How can this help my body?

Ever had knee pain when running or playing sport? You have tried resting and icing it but it has had no effect. The doctor may do certain tests on the knee and tell you that there is nothing wrong with it. Well why does it hurt then? Ever thought that your knee pain could be due to a dysfunctional pelvis?

A dysfunctional pelvis means that something is not moving right in the region and it may mean you have a leg length difference. If you have a leg length difference this means that one leg is shorter than the other. This can cause the body to compensate as it always wants to keep the head and eyes level.

The longer leg will flex the knee to compensate for the additional length and adopt a valgus position, then this will place more stress on the structures on the inner side of the knee (MCL, pes ans, ACL, medial meniscus). Playing football on a valgus knee can cause injury and pain and running with a twisted pelvis can cause that longer leg to flex that knee which puts pressure on the pes ans tendon located on the inner side of the knee. All you need to do is fix the pelvis and voila you have a fully functional pelvis with no knee pain! And whilst that happens, you find that other little niggles that you once had, go away!

Research shows that 60% of lower limb injuries can be linked to a dysfunctional pelvis. 91% of subjects from one study with ACL injuries showed up with a twisted pelvis. Biomechanics coaches find the cause of the problem not the symptom. Biomechanics coaches use muscle energy techniques and other advanced therapy techniques to help fix the cause of the pain.

Even if you have issues in the shoulder or feet, biomechanics coaching is a full body screen and will identify certain dysfunctional patterns that are causing the discomfort or stiffness. No matter where you have discomfort or a place of immobility, biomechanics is a great starting point to fix those annoying issues. Once we have fixed these areas, then stability training will commence so that the body has a better chance of remaining level and balanced.

If you want to move more freely and reduce stiffness in the joints and create better stability in the body, then this is for you. Even if you have no pain then biomechanics can still work its magic on your body by helping you move better, run quicker or improve sport performance. It could be a simple exercise to get rid of the tingling in your hands and could be coming from your thoracic spine. If you have an issue that has not been resolved or you just want more mobility, then please do get in touch to see how Biomechanics coaching could help you.

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