Foam rolling iMove freely workshops

Come and join our monthly workshops and learn how to use a foam roller on the major areas of the body’s fascia, along with some evidence based exercises to help get you moving more freely. ‘What is foam rolling?’

What is iMove freely?

  • It’s a series of exercise techniques to improve intrinsic function.
  • It’s a mixture of foam rolling myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, joint and nerve mobilisations alongside some strength conditioning work.
  • They are easy to perform, safe to do and can be done by anyone of any age, level of fitness and ability.
  • These exercises can be done sitting at a desk or lying on the floor, so there is no excuse for not doing them.
  • This evidence based exercise program prepares the body for better movement and improves normal movement patterns.

foam rolling accreditation

Some of the lifestyle choices we have today are not like the ones our bodies are used to. We haven’t had time to evolve quickly enough to the sedentary lifestyle we lead that is filled with technology. E.g. we swapped horses for cars, we have mobile phones to communicate instead of walking miles to see people and socialise. But we forget that we can CHOOSE to go to work in a car over riding a bike! Somewhere along this road, we must take responsibility for our own bodies.

If you think you need a lifestyle change and you need to move more, then this workshop is certainly for you!

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