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Our Approach - Why Us?

WELCOME! Sports Corrective Therapy is a top quality sports injury clinic treating all sports and non-sports related injuries.

More than just a sports massage, we support and motivate you to move better and faster in your sport or daily life.

Pain reduction, Injury Rehab & Recovery, Sports Performance in Cambridge & Congleton.

Sports Corrective Therapy offers a wide variety of services to best suit your needs:

The aim of Sports Therapy is to assess and successfully treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries, conditions and dysfunction.

We treat:

We have been trained to handle all types of injuries, from ankle sprains in sport to postural back pain from sitting at a desk. Sports Therapy is beneficial to everyone. Even though we specialise in sports, we focus on providing a professional service to all our valued clients. So, no matter what your level of physical activity we can help you through a personalised exercise program specific to you. Yes, that’s right we treat all kinds of occupations: builders with lower back pain caused by twisting and lifting all day, plumbers with neck pain due to getting into those funny positions and even the odd lab scientist from Babraham Institute with upper back pain. Speak to Cambridge’ leading sports injury clinic  today! 

We even provide corporate discounts to help and support local office workers. We are always looking to help in the community and provide services at local sporting and charity events.
Diagnostic tests and treatment options are constantly changing so it is important to stay updated with the current research and literature. This information will benefit you and therefore help with your recovery and will help reduce the risk of injury in the future.
Contact us today and speak directly with Natalie. We can discuss your requirements and offer advice over the phone

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