Core Stability Exercises for Golfers

Core Stability Exercises To Improve Golf Performance

There are many physical reasons why a golfer’s swing technique might be limited. The most common being lack of core stability and good posture. Here are a few more reasons:

  • failure to separate upper and lower body
  • loss of shoulder and hip mobility/ flexibility / stability
  • reduced wrist flexibility
  • decreased thoracic spine mobility
  • inadequate Glute and Abdominal strength
  • immobile overhead squat

Having a Sports Therapist look at your golf swing technique can identify some of these reasons. Do the hips and lumbar spine extend too early? Is the shoulder in too much of a horizontal plane? Is your pelvis in neutral? Not hitting the ball as far as you would like?

Here are a few strength and flexibility exercises to get you started!

Golf ball 1 Golf ball 2

Move ball in clockwise circles to the side and over head. Repeat this 15-20 times.

Golf ball 3 Golf ball 4

Twist trunk to right and lift ball to shoulder level while pivoting. Repeat on other side and do this 15-20 times.

Golf ball 5 Golf ball 6

Twist trunk to right and lift ball over right shoulder. Repeat on other side and do this 15-20 times.

Golf elastic 1 Golf elastic 2

Bend at hips knees if needed and rotate trunk, pulling upward and across, keeping back in neutral. Repeat on other side and do this 15-20 times.

Golf elastic 3 Golf elastic 4

Bend slightly forward at hips. Hold elastic in hands with elbows straight. Pull elastic to the side and hold. Repeat on other side and do this 15-20 times.

Here are a few dynamic stretches to improve flexibility of the thoracic spine, lumbar spine, hamstrings and shoulders.

Thoracic stretch 1 Thoracic stretch 2

Lumbar rotation 1 Lumbar rotation 2

Hamstring and shoulder stretch 1 Hamstring and shoulder stretch 2

Gently move in and out of these stretches and practice a couple of minutes on each exercise. Motivation and discipline is needed to complete this exercise strategy for it to have a significant effect so doing this in a 6-8 week period will show signs of improvement.

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