Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation – we can create a personalised exercise programme specifically to work on your aims whether it’s getting pain-free, improving your running technique, your golf swing, strengthening your knee after surgery or just helping you sit better at a desk.

This programme is the key to really making sure you stay pain-free in life. Whether it is low back pain because of a pelvic tilt, a rotator cuff injury from prolonged periods of rounded shoulders, or an ankle sprain from getting tackled in football, we have the correct multi-directional exercises for you to keep you moving with no pain.

We don’t do the usual thing of just writing down exercises for you to take home and do for a while then forget about. We will demonstrate your exercises, email them to you with pictures and videos and then go through them with you on your next visit to check your technique.

Most injuries reoccur because they are not specific, functional or progressive enough. Or they are just too boring. We will certainly put the fun in functional for you and make sure you progress to the next stage carefully and efficiently!

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more, or head to our bookings page to start your road to recovery

injury rehabilitation

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