Practical Fun Day at RA Butler

Sports Corrective Therapy visited the school in Saffron Walden today to demonstrate a fitness session on the different types of training that is needed for sporting activity. They consisted of balance, agility, speed and power drills. Natalie also taught the kids fun facts about the human body! The children were very enthusiastic during the whole session. They learnt about the major bones and muscles of the body and how these muscles work. The children also learnt how to work as part of a team and motivate their teammates during the fitness sessions. They demonstrated a good understanding of how specific drills can have a beneficial effect in sporting situations such as having quick feet in football or balancing on one leg in a gymnastics routine. There was some great feedback from the children and the teachers. The teachers also joined in the fun and did a few squat jumps!

Benefits of physical activity for children:

  • helps build and maintain healthy bones and muscles
  • reduces the risk of developing health conditions such as diabetes and obesity
  • decreases the risk of getting anxiety and depression
  • helps improve performance in the classroom
  • increases concentration and attentiveness

So if you are a parent and you would like us to help out at your child’s school, or a teacher working at a school in the Cambridgeshire area? Why not get in touch and we can organise a practical fun day near you! Get your child involved in sports and physical activity today!