Running Assessment

Running assessment is handy for people who have ongoing niggles that won’t go away. Even doing all the correct things to help an injury, you go back to running and it has come back again. This can be very frustrating and can cause performance levels to decrease and can even make your injury worse. This assessment involves not only looking at your feet when running, but your whole body. We can determine what is happening from a holistic point of view and identify why those niggles are still present.

We do this assessment on a treadmill inside the gym. If you are not comfortable running on a treadmill, then an outside assessment will be carried out but will not be as accurate due to camera angles. This is all done by a video software program and then can be analysed more efficiently frame by frame to really see what is going on in each joint. We look at all the joints of the body because the body is an integrated system and is linked by sling systems. One area of can cause pain in another. This information will give us feedback as to why your body is moving the way it does. We will then send you some running drills and functional exercises to do which will benefit you and improve your running performance.

Do you want to move better? Run better? AND run faster?

If you are a serious runner or athlete and you know you need to get your body to the best it can be, then go straight to the Biomechanics coaching where you will get screened and get 24-hour care! We believe if you are not moving efficiently, then you will not be able to run efficiently.

Following our running assessment we will teach you the correct movement patterns and drills that can have a beneficial effect on your running. This will help you to achieve your personal best in the next race you have!

Once you are moving better, we can then look at your running to concentrate on technique and speed. We do this over a short time to make sure you pick up good posture habits and have the best possible running style suitable for your body. Because as you know, everybody runs differently. Obviously how well you improve depends on how much time and effort you put into your exercise program. But we do our absolute best to help you achieve your goals.

Running Assessment

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